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How to Buy From Taobao?

How to Buy From Taobao On Your Own?

  1. You already get a Taobao and Alipay account. Now you can seach and buy any item in Taobao market as you wish. You can use keywords in English or brand name as keywords to seek your items. If you want more accurate and wide range of seaching result, we suggest to use keywords in Chinese language.
    Please check here to learn some normal Shopping Vocabulary.

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  2. Find an item and click to open new window for detail page.

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  3. Choose your size and color, set the quantity.
    Click BUY NOW which will direct you to checkout page for payment process. Or click ADD TO CART button that you can pay it later or combine with other items.

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  4. The last step, confirm the receiving address. Then submit the order which will direct you to the checkout page.
    In option, We suggest to check the green box which means anonymous mode.

    Please check here to learn How to Pay Taobao Item with Alipay?
For more useful tips on how to shop from taobao, please check here to learn Taobao Skills.

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