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Taobao Skills

How to Shopping on Taobao?

Search for Items

  1. If the item with a famouse brand, just seach with the brand name in English.
    For example, if you want to buy a paul smith polo, you can seach with 'paul smith', the result will include t-shirts and underwears. Try to narrow the searching results by entering more keywords. You can search with 'paul smith T' or 'paul smith polo'. You don't even need to enter any Chinese characters.

  2. If you want to seach with Chinese characters, please use our translated search function.

Sort the Searching Result

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  1. sort by seller's rating(high to low)
  2. sort by item price (low to high)
  3. sort by recent sales volume
  4. filter by item location

Filter the Searching Result by Location

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You can choose location 1 (shanghai) or 2 (nabour provinces of shanghai) to save the domestic shipping cost and transfer time.

How to Focus an Effective Link?

  • Choose a seller with high ratings

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    Crowns > Diamonds > Hearts
    High ratings and feedback seller is a kind of promise to item's availability and quality.

  • Sort by recent sales volume, and choose items with big sales volume

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    item with recent sales volume means item possiblly in stock and available to buy.

  • Don't choose an item which is already offline

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More Informatiom About Item Options

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  1. Sizes. Choose your size within these range.
  2. Colors. Most time, you can find different colors item pictures in item's description.
  3. Domestic shipping cost. (which means item fast deliver fee from seller's location to shanghai)
  4. Item's stock.

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