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Replace/Return Items in Purchasing Process

How to replace/return products after the 1st payment?

Generally iBuygle will start purchasing right after your 1st payment. It needs 2-5 days normally when all of your items arrive in our office. During this period, if you decide to change some of your items in color/size or even want to cancel and return one of your item, please notice us immediately, and we will help you to handle this request as fast as possible.

Before the seller send out your item
It's the easier situation, we will contact the seller and ask for replacement. Normally it won't generate new expense.

If seller already ship your item
We will communicate with seller, if seller agree to exchange the item, we will return it to seller and wait for seller make a new shipment for the replaced item.
It will generate new expense, domestic shipping fee for returning from ibuygle to seller and re-sending from seller to ibuygle.
That means you need to pay extra money for another twice of domestic shipping cost. And the whole purchasing process will be delayed.

Returning the item
It depends on diffent situation for seller's store policies. Some nice sellers will agree with returning goods. If the item not send out, you won't lost any expense.
But if the item already has been sent out, you will cover the twice of domestic shipping cost. (seller ship to us + ibuygle return to seller)
If unfortunatly you buy from a unfriendly seller who does NOT agree with returning, it would be sorry that we can't help you in this situation. (You have to take it unless if we might want or like the item you bought)

Suggestion: In general situation seller will prefer exchanging items rather than returning. You can choose other items from the seller store to make a replacement.

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