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How much in total will I spend for iBuygle shopping?

The final amount of your order includes items' cost, domestic delivery fee, iBuygle service fee, international shipping fee, bank service fee and insurance fee (optional).

Total = (item cost + domestic s/h + service fee + internatinal s/h)*n%

  • Items Cost
    The item price and the domestic delivery fee are shown on the shopping site you browsing. Occasionally, some price is the wholesale price or group price, and some is just a price range.(We suggest to translate the website by google, then read that carefully.)

  • Domestic Delivery Fee
    Most domestic delivery companies charge 10 to 30CNY per kilogram. The fee differs according to the courier, parcel weight and the distance between seller's location and our office in Shanghai.

  • International Shipping Fee
    We strongly recommend EMS shipping by China Post which is high price quality more than the other methods, plus you can get a discount up to 50% if you sue for this one.
    *Insurance fee (optional): It costs 5% of the items cost.

  • iBuygle Service Fee
    Our service fee is 10% of items cost + domestic delivery fee.
    Service fee = (items cost + domestic s/h)*10%
    However, our minimum service fee is 20CNY per order.
    *the service fee rate may be lower for our high level user or some special orders such like wholesale negotiation business.
    To learn What is iBuygle Service Fee.

  • Payment Type Discount
    We will charge NO more payment transaction fee according to our exchange rate policy. Evenmore, we will give payment type discount on offline payment methods. For example, if you choose WUMT payment we give 4% discount of the total amount (over $500). So in above formula, n% = 96%.
    The other payment methods please refer to Help Center > Payments.

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