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What kind of payment types can iBuygle take?

1) Online Payment Methods

  • Paypal
  • Alertpay
  • QIWI Wallet
  • WebMoney

2) Offline Payment Methods

  • Western Union Money Transfer (WUMT)
  • Bank Wire Transfer (T/T)
  • MoneyGram
  • iKobo
  • Domestic Bank Transfer (for RMB only)

Which payment method can I choose?

Please check the following compare table for payment methods

Service Discount Clear Time Comments
Paypal - instant most popular and recommended
QIWI Wallet
- instant  
AlertPay - instant  
WebMoney - instant  
WUMT 4%* (over $500) 1 working day** recommended for min. amount over $500
Bank Wire(T/T) 4%* (over $500) 3-5 working days discount applied for min. amount over $500
MoneyGram 3%* 1 working day** discount will be caculated in quotation
iKobo 3%* instant discount will be caculated in quotation

*iBuygle will provide payment type discount for those offline payment methods. Please note, these service providers would charge transaction fees according to their policy which should be covered by the buyer's own cost.
**generally western union money transfer payments can be cleared instantly, but we need 1 working day to collect funds from the WUMT agent location.

Why need to make payment in 2 times for iBuygle shopping?

It is a special but necessary process for 2 steps payment because we don't know the total weight of your order list in final packaging. So we need to seperate the payment for 2 times.
The 1st payment is for item and service fee, the 2nd payment is for international shipping fee.

However for these offline payment methods, we will try to estimate packaging weight and suggest buyer to pay in one time together with the international shipping fee. Don't worry, if the amount paid over the actual cost, the balance will be left in your account and you can use it in future order or request a withdrawl.

Please note that you can NOT cancel transaction after you have made the 1st payment!
If you still want to make some changes before the international shipment, check this file.

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