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Special Services

What Other Special Services iBuygle Can Provide?

  • Virtual Items and other No 2nd Payment Transactions
    Service Fee Rate: 20%
    (No particpate any activities, without any discount)
    Please choose other offline payment methods when checkout, and we will confirm your order and request the payment after.

  • RMB Exchange for Alipay
    No need to register account and place order, please send your applyment directly to our customer service email: service@ibuygle.com.
    Please include the total amount and receiver's alipay account in the email.
    Service Fee Rate: 15%

  • Seeking for Items
    If your item links fail to purchase or you provide just item pictures and request iBuygle to seek items on Taobao. We will try to help and seek the item links available to buy.
    Service Fee Rate: 20%

  • Wholesael Items and Price Negotiation
    If your item is in bulk and wholesale quantity or you want to negotiate price with the seller for some specified items, we will act as a middleman to help you on this kind of business.
    The service fee rate will be discussed depends on the real situations.

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