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Steps of iBuygle Shopping

A) Browse and Pick up Items
Please choose items you want to buy from any of Chinese online stores such like taobao.com.
Learn some skills of shopping on Taobao
Check iBuygle recommended Chinese online shops

B) Place the Order
Login in iBuygle and place the order by One-Click-Order function.
Learn how to use one-click-order

C) Confirm the Order
Our customer service will confirm with the sellers about price, weight and stock availabilty of the items on your list.
This procedure will be within 24-48 hrs. We need your attention and fast response in case there might be some items not available.
We suggest you skip this step and make 1st payment when place order, we will handle paid orders in priority.

D) Make 1st Payment
Then we will give you quotation for the 1st payment.
The 1st payment will include (item cost + domestic s/h + iBuygle service fee).
Also you can skip Step C and pay the 1st fund directly when checkout. Don't worry, if there might be something not available in your list, we will notice you to make replacement or keep the over-paid money into your balance and spend the balance in the 2nd payment.

E) iBuygle Purchasing
After the 1st payment has been confirmed, our purchasing agent will process your order immediately. It takes 2-5 working days normally according to the items location or to the shipment policy of the online store.
Click here to learn what iBuygle will do during the domestic purchasing procedure

F) Make 2nd Payment
After all of items arrived and be checked without problem, we will packed them well to have the final weight. We will send you 2nd payment request and be ready for the international shipping.
We need your attention and fast response to complete the 2nd payment in time.

G) International Shipping
When the 2nd payment confirmed, we will make shipment by the method you choose and paid for. Then update the order status with tracking number within 24 hrs.

H) Confirm the Package Delivery
Please login and make confirmation of your order delivery when all of your parcels arrive in your hand safely. And don't forget to write us testimonials if you are satified with our service.
Learn how to confirm order delivery

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