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Buying Fake/Replica/Imitation on Taobao

About Fake/Replica/Imitation Goods

As known to all, China is a produce basement for fake/replica/bootleg products. You will have big chance to buy a fake item from taobao. Or maybe it's just one of your purpose to seek on taobao. It's not too bad to buy cheap but good quality fake items from China, that is why many foreigner buyers come for taobao. Not like on ebay, taobao sellers have not been restricted to list imitation items except for those world famous top brands. So it is free for you to buy any fake items on taobao just like to buy normal items as you wish.

How to Judge a Fake Item?

title & description: in general case, most sellers will list clearly that their items are not genuine/original.
item price: this is the most important factor to judge a fake item. Normally fake item price will be much lower than the orginal price as you known.
pictures in detail: generally seller just wants to show their item with good quality by placing detailed pictures.

But in the other side, if one seller's listings say it to be original or genuine item. We can't trust it entirely. Because even within fake/replica items, there are much difference in qualities. Some A-class items are almost same as original items, and its hard to be judged by normal consumers. So this kind of A-class items maybe sale as authentics at a high price.

What if My Order Includes Fake Items?

iBuygle can NOT and has no ability to judge a fake item from your order. We just take the action of purchasement from the links you provide in your order.
But it will bring high risk to pass customs if your parcel contains fake items and it has possiblity to be checked up and held by your customs. And if your parcel had been forfeited for this reason, iBuygle will NOT take any responsibility and make no compensation for your lost, even though you have paid for shipping insurance.
So we suggest buyers to avoid fake/replica items.

Related Chinese words in item title

  • 正品/真品 - genuine; original; authentic; real
  • 仿/高仿/超A - fake; replica; imitation; bootleg; A class
  • 原厂 - from original factory
  • 原单 - from original orders, but be rejected by brand's owner due to the slight defects or late shipment
  • 余单/尾单 - overstock or rejected from original orders
  • 跟单 - following the original orders, but not authentic by the brand's owner
  • 外贸/出口 - for export items
  • 国货/山寨 - fake/replica but in China self-owned brand

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