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Estimate Weight and Shipping Cost

Estimate Weight

Some buyers always ask us about shipping fee before they place orders. But we are sorry for that because the shipping fee depends on the total weight of the package. We can only quote the exact shipping fee after receiving all of your items and repackaging.

If you care about the shipping fee before shopping, we suggest to estimate weight by a little bit of common sense.
Below is a list of frequently bought items for you to compare your own order with.

  • Very Small Items: 100-200g
    -- hair accessories, jewelry, stationary, trinkets, earphones, etc.

  • Small Items: 200-400g
    -- tshirts, tanktops, leggings, hats, gloves, light shirts, short skirts, light scarves, small toys, etc.

  • Medium Items: 500-1,000g
    -- light jackets, hoodies, men's clothing, thick sweaters, small purses, small electronics, women's shoes, thick scarves, wigs, small camera equipment, small model kits, etc.

  • Heavy Items: 1,000-2,000g
    -- heavy coats, parkas, men's jeans, boots, men's shoes, big purses, large camera equipment, large model kits, etc.

  • Extra Heavy Items: 2,000g+
    -- thick books, kitchen equipment, paper materials, etc.

  • Extra Extra Heavy Items: 5,000g+
    -- luggage, small furnishings, camera equipment kits, book sets, bulk products, etc.

Estimate Shipping Caculator

iBuygle Docs

Estimate shipping button is in left conner of shopping cart page. (you should have items in the shopping cart)

iBuygle Docs
Choose your destination country and tally up your package weight and input it into the calculator for a rough estimate of shipping cost.

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